women_sportswearWorkout or Sports has slowly become a necessary and there's no going back from it. To stay healthy and fit, every feminine has to indulge in body warm-up activities. Here, CHKOKKO initiates Women Shorts for superior fitness, comfort and especially freedom which is the foremost concern of every female. Basically, it is two in one! It has inbuilt square knickers likely shorts and dotted upper layer for better air intersection and coverage.

CHKOKKO shorts are the second name of comfort in women sportswear. It has wide elasticated waistband for excellent grip and soft touch fabric which caters ultimate comfort. The flatlock reduces skin irritation and chafing. The entire production has been done with the concern of sports and work-out with ease. It's upper sanctions air-intersection with the assurance of coverage.

When you wear these shorts, you will instantly fall in love with this. Well, it is fabricated with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex which is a unique blend and it sanctions ultra-soft fabric so that it can be wear at any temperature. It comes in a variety of sizes and in two colours. So, feel free and comfortable as long as you need.

Wear boxy tops, t-shirts or make a combination of CHKOKKO's sports bra with these shorts and blast at the gym, racing tracks, tennis or basketball court etc and stay dry because of its dry fit fabric. It has one special feature also sweat-wicking technology which wicks sweat and let you do your moves without worry. Now, every move and every step of dance or yoga is easy with self-determination.

Have a look on shorts or view individually Green and Pink.