We love things that last for long and fulfill our needs! Well, ladies, CHKOKKO presents sports bra, an ultimate companion of women while work-out, sports, running, aerobics etc. It is specially designed for body heat-up activities and it is ideal for use in any season. It is fabricated with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex which is an incredible blend to cater a fabric which fit next to skin without a squeeze. It comes in 2 divergent colors, Pink, Green and 2 various types of back, Flatback and Razorback in four sizes.

The first foremost thing when we purchased a sportswear is ‘comfort’, this sports bra caters relentless support with super-soft luxurious feel. Its fabric is super-breathable and its mesh or razorback panel dumps excess heat. The wideband enables breathability during the workout. This is non-wired which gives gentle and firm reinforce making it absolute for high compact sports. Now, stay cool and dry while heat-up activities because it has the sweat-wicking material and it dries really fast.

Design! This matters a lot! Well, it is designed with world-class fashion designers. A sportswear which understands user needs. It has flexible flat back and ultra-stretchable razorback. It is stretchable and has a ductile fitting at ends, it covers the body and gives assurance of freedom. It is padded but if pads are not necessary they can be removed or put again. The adjustable padded strap offers ease whilst the lower band sanctions breathability.

What’s more! Usage! This sportswear can be used in gym, basketball or tennis court, running or jogging tracks, while work-out or yoga etc. These under armour thread borne crop top features feminine edge. It offers extreme support and full coverage so that the wearer feels comfortable with freedom. Its four-way stretch construction caters accessibility to move in every direction with strength. It is an accurate sportswear for women and gives attractive glance.

Have a look on Women Sports Bra or individually Razorback: Pink, Green or Flatback Pink, Green