What Do We Even Call "Athleisure" Now?

What Do We Even Call "Athleisure" Now?

Leggings for Brunch? Athleisure's comfy takeover.

Remember how back in 2015 you used to squeeze into skinny jeans for brunch and it felt like the only cool option? But these days, rocking leggings has become the statement uniform. Athleisure has become so popular that it begs the question: is it even a trend anymore?

Comfort Takes Center Stage

The pandemic really flipped the script on our priorities. Comfort became your go-to and high heels went into hiding. Sweats became the new work outfit and people from influencers to editors embraced the trend. Working from home became the new normal and the demand for comfy-yet-stylish clothes skyrocketed. Athleisure became not just about grabbing coffee or running errands anymore- It became the Zoom-ready attire.

A New Take on Athleisure

Hey, hold on for a minute, this new trend of athleisure is different from the one we knew back in 2015. Back then, it was more about transforming workout clothes for everyday wear. For instance, joggers with heels, sneakers with dresses became the trend as they mixed comfort with a sporty vibe, but still kept it polished.
These days, comfort is all about feeling your best in what you wear, period. Forget uncomfortable fabric or details or runway-inspired elements. Leggings as pants? Totally acceptable.

Athleisure Evolved

Lindsay Flores, a fashion stylist, says, "Athleisure has become its own unique look.” It is a whole category of clothing that mixes up fitness, fashion, and style. So what exactly does it look like to be dressed in modern athleisure? Yoga pants with a chunky knit sweatshirt, layered necklaces, and chunky sneakers scream modern athleisure. Think of an exercise dress styled with statement socks and loafers or think comfy matching sets that work for lounging, working from home, or even a quick jog.

Effortlessly Chic

So what is the key to modern athleisure? It’s comfortable and has an elevated look. It is sporty but not in a “just left the gym” kind of way. It is sleek, intentional, and effortless. Today's athleisure can be just as put-together as jeans and a button-down shirt. It's a specific aesthetic that designers are constantly reimagining, even incorporating it into single garments – think a spliced coat that's half hoodie, half trench coat.

Beyond a Trend

So, what do we call this new everyday wear that’s comfortable, practical, yet stylish? It is more than just fast fashion or a passing trend- it is a reflection of how we want to dress today: It’s relaxed and ready to take on anything.
Athleisure will keep on evolving but for now, we can just enjoy the versatility and comfort of our co-ords and yoga suits or maybe some flared leggings and keep rocking our own unique style.

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